My First Chrome Test

    ## My First Chrome Test

In this video I create a very simple test using Chrome. The test will be very similar to the one in the start Using Selenium WebDriver project, but you'll see it being created, and I explain what I'm doing.

You'll see:

- creating a new driver object

- navigating to a page

- asserting on title

- using dev tools to find title

- using debug mode

the application under test is hosted on heroku



new driver


adding selenium webdriver to pom.xml does not add the drivers, it used to (it used to include htmlunit and Firefox driver)

This is good, we can update Selenium WebDriver and the Drivers independently - update driver when browsers changes but not need to change WebDriver

class MyFirstChromeDriverTest

Test method driverIsTheKing

because Driver is the king, everything in WebDriver stems from, or uses a Driver

open page - webdriver syncs on page load so it waits for the HTML to load into the browser

assert title with Assert.assertTrue


        WebDriver driver = new ChromeDriver();







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